Your thoughts become your destiny

As a Pilates & Yoga instructor I found it disturbing how wide-spread negative body image was among my clients. This problem ranged from those who were unhappy with their body image, to those who were entirely unhappy with themselves. My clients represent a broad range of age, shape, size, background, level of fitness. Each and everyone of these women was beautiful (on the inside and out) in her own way – she just couldn’t see it. This is what inspired the Pilates HottyMantra. I started to incorporate this into classes, and when a student said something negative about her body, her self, or her ability to do something, I asked her to recite the mantra. Pilates Hotty was born.

Your thoughts create your reality. All this negative self-talk – which often gets said out loud – does nothing to help us become better versions of ourselves. The Pilates Hotty Campaign has been inspired to remind us to recognizes this by keeping the focus on embellishing our positives instead of enhancing negatives.

Pilates Hotty is a call to action. It is a campaign to encourage us all to be peaceful – with ourselves. Join The Movement — Embrace your inner Pilates Hotty and celebrate your potential in mind, body & spirit.

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